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CANSail after Basic Cruising

For thoses who have completed their Basic Cruising standard and would now like to experience dinghy sailing. Join a full course at a discounted rate. Practice and transfer the skills you learned in a keelboat into the dinghies.

PREREQUISITE Sail Canada Basic Cruising.

OPTIONS Evenings

FEE $355.00 + HST (includes text)

OBJECTIVE On completion of CANSail 1 & 2 the sailor will be able to sail with confidence in wind speeds of 4-9 knots (8-16 km/hr) and perform the skills proficiently without supervision.


NEXT STEPS CANSail 3, Sail Share


Class Schedules:


OTTAWAEVENINGS Four evenings per week, for two weeks, 5:30 - 9:00 p.m.

All three CANSail levels are offered during all course dates!

Start Finish Code Location Status Add to Cart
Evening Mon - ThursJune 6, 2016 June 16, 2016 CSOTA1 Completed
Evening Mon.-ThursJune 20, 2016 June 30, 2016 CSOTA2 Completed
Evening Mon.-ThursJuly 4, 2016 July 14, 2016 CSOTA3 Completed
Evening Mon.-ThursJuly 18, 2016 July 28, 2016 CSOTA4 Completed
Evening Mon - ThursJune 5 June 15 CSOTA1 Completed
Evening Mon.-ThursJune 19 June 29 CSOTA2 Completed
Evening Mon.-ThursJuly 3 July 13 CSOTA3 Completed
Sat./Sun.July 8 July 16 CSOTA5 Completed
Evening Mon.-ThursJuly 17 July 27 CSOTA4 Completed
Sat./Sun.August 12 August 20 CSOTA6 In Progress

* Courses that include a holiday Monday - that Monday will be rescheduled based on working with the group.