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Learn to Sail Program


A dinghy is generally sailed by one or two people and the boat usually ranges from 6 feet to 18 feet long.

Courses available are:

CANSail 1&2: Level 1: New sailors will learn how to properly trim sails and perform basic maneuvers such as tacking and gybing. Sailors also learn basic safety skills such as capsize recovery and towing. Level 2: Sailors learn to identify wind direction, steer a set course (tacking and gybing) and keep a boat balanced. Physical flexibility is also practiced as well as seamanship and safety skills.

CANSail 3: Sailing skills are further refined and new skills, such as sailing by the lee and sailing backwards, are introduced. Paticipants will become familair with right-of-way rules and racing fundamentals.

CANSail after Basic Cruising: This is for participants who have completed their Basic Cruising standard and would now like to experience dinghy sailing. Join a full CANSail course at a discounted rate. Practice and transfer the skills you learned in a keelboat into the dinghies.


A dinghy requires the weight of the skipper/crew to keep the boat upright and prevent it from capsizing.