Dates, Deadlines and Extra Information

Here are some notes about things for the beginning and end of season, renewals, as well as a whole bunch of other stuff.

Renewals and Looking Ahead…

October 31 – is the expiry date for all memberships – your host club (BYC or NSC) as well as your Sail Share membership all end on October 31st of this year.

During October/November – you should receive you host club renewal notice. 

May 1 – Sail Share membership balance to be paid in full.

Sometime in May – We hold our Sail Share Pre-Season Meet and Greet for our returning members. Come and meet other fellow members. Plus some reminders about the boats – a motor operation clinic, navigation reminders, updates on the racing crew status and notes about any new plans or programs for the Sail Share.

Sailing Season

Sail Share boats are available for sailing (weather dependant) from Mid-May to the beginning of October. Starting at the end of September, we will start moving the NSC boats over to BYC to get them ready for hauling out.  We will keep you updated on which boats are available for sailing via email newsletters.  If you are interested in learning more about boats and helping with boat prep and/or haul-out please let us know.

Thinking about Racing Next Year…

Monday (Ladies racing), Tuesday (PHRF racing) and Thursday (one design and JAM racing) nights are the primary racing nights. In the spring we will reach out to everyone registered in Sail Share to confirm who is interested in upgrading there membership to the racing membership.  We put together a team of 4 and assign you to a boat for the season. Then it is up to the four of you to co-ordinate who will be out when or when you might need a spare crew.  A minimum of 3 Sail Share (race) skippers are required to be on board the boat during a race.

For race nights, be prepared to leave the dock by 5:15! So that usually means trying to get to the club between 4:30 and 5 pm from May until the end of September.

If you are thinking about racing next year… you should consider the Introduction to Racing course. As a Sail Share member we will take 10% off. If you are a Sail Share member and have taken this course once already and want a refresher after putting that first race season behind your transom we will take 20% off.