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How an anchor can save your day.  This week we received a great email from one of our students.  Quick thinking and an anchor saved this sailor from a catastrophe ...

Hi Ron and Doris.
I thought I would send you a quick note to tell you your sail training saved me today. After a 12-hour voyage down the lake from Whitby to Presquile YC my engine died while slowing 150 m from their full docks.  I immediately ran forward and deployed the anchor with a quick set. It set and held in a mooring field between 3 sailboats.   I was within 5 feet of a boat at the closest swing.  Crisis averted.   Today my training paid for itself.  Thank-you.   I sent my instructor a quick thanks as well.
Well done Advantage Boating!!
Advantage Boating gets around.  Here are some recent photos our Alumni have shared.  Picture one is in St Kitts and the other is from off the coast near Florida!  Share with us where your adventures since learning how to sail with Advantage Boating have taken you?  If you are looking to purchase a shirt visit our online store (https://advantageboating.com/more-information/store-gift-certificate/).

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See you May29!

This woman is simply amazing. What an amazing accomplishment on so many levels!!!!Image attachment

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Wow, that is amazing

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Something to think about when you are anchoring.   Many people don’t put out enough rode or simply forget to ‘set’ the anchor.    Having more chain rode is also much better than line rode I’d your boat can accommodate it.
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“The Basic Cruising Course surpassed our expectations. Two weekends of stimulating challenge…We love sailing!”

– D. Pellerin, Ottawa

“Joining the Sail Share program was a fantastic experience… an excellent way for us to perfect our skills… we made a lot of friends and had a blast!”

– Liliane Keryluk, Ottawa

“Our Instructor demonstrated great leadership, a good nature, lots of patience and a great sense of humour, qualities that made the course relaxing.”

– D. Cole, Ottawa

“Thank you Advantage Boating for providing me with a wealth of theory and practical knowledge, but more importantly, for providing me with the confidence to sail safely.”

– G. Ward, Nepean

“The courses offered through Advantage Boating have been the difference between sailing and sailing with skill.”

– C. Marks, Ottawa