Racing Crews

The two most important documents you need

1) The Sailing Instructions (SI) – you need Part A, and then the Part that deals with the specific night:

  • Mondays – Ladies
  • Tuesdays – PHRF
  • Thursdays – One-Design (OD) & JAM

2) Racing Rules 2021 to 2024 is the current edition
Here are the parts you need and need to know:

  • Introduction
  • Basic Principle
  • Part 1 Fundamental Rules
  • Part 2 When Boats Meet
  • Part 3 Conduct of a Race
  • Part 4 Other Requirements When Racing
  • Definitions
  • Race Signals (ideal if you can print this in colour!)
  • Outside back cover

3) Try this site to play with the rules

For the NSC Member racers – part of being at NSC is volunteering for Race Committee (RC) duty. Follow the links to find out details and how to register! Your boats will be penalized if you do not help out!
Any of the Sail Share members are more than welcome, and encouraged, to volunteer. The RC boat is a great spot to watch the races from and see what it is all about!

Racing Boats:

NSC Beagle