Tie-Up System

Okay gang, we think we finally have a system that will work everywhere – from the school boats right into the KBS boats, BYC or NSC locations…

Bowlines – Two 20 foot lines of matching colour.
Aft Spring line – One 30 foot line.
Stern Line – One 10 foot line.

Tie-up diagram. Click to enlarge.

Tie-up diagram. Click to enlarge.

The only boats where some of this stuff differs is Jolly Rodent and Six Pack at NSC and Eeeze at BYC (when it is on the mooring ball).

The Bow
1) The non-finger dock bowline stays attached to shore and gets adjusted and cleated off abaord the the boat.

2) The finger dock bowline is lopped through the boat’s bow cleat and travels with you. When tied up, it will be cleated ashore.

The Stern
1) Spring line – is looped at the chain plate – remember right down on the deck, on the solid, hard part – not up on the shrouds! This line travels with you as well! When docking, this is the primary line to use to step off the boat and control it from hitting the front dock by controlling speed using the end cleat on the finger dock! The line will be cleated ashore on this end cleat.

2) Stern line – is left on the dock and is cleated off aboard the boat. This line can be controlled by the driver when undocking and can be the line to grab by the helm once you get back in.

Can you see a difference…
Jolly Rodent – has the single bowline with a clip.

A note from the dock lines…
For proper care and a long life of us, your humble dock lines please take care of us in the following manner…

1) Please not not make us in to the “pretty” little coil mats. When we bake dry in the sun in one position like that all the time we age much quicker. Plus the dirt collects in the shape of the mat and we leave dirty rings on the deck. And in fact the people how made us told us not to do these coil mats. Just place us in a loose coil by the cleat.

2) Please do not make us in to “Daisy Chains”. It takes too long to deal with undoing the chains when it is time to leave.

With you proper care of use we can serve the Sail Share gang for a very long time.