Boat Handling Clinics

Heading out on the Ottawa river.

Heading out on the Ottawa river.

Are you lacking some specific boating skills like docking, anchoring, sail handling, heavy air manoeuvres or applying skills on your particular boat that you learned during your course? Then maybe one of these boat handling clinics is for you.

Courses available are:

Docking 101: Need practice docking? Spend an evening with a Sail Canada instructor on the water docking and boat handling in a confined area while practicing docking maneuvers.

Private Lessons: Private instruction to help with specific skills or to obtain your certification is available on our Keelboats and Powerboats throughout the boating season. We offer private instruction up to the Advanced Sail Canada Level. Private instruction is a minimum of three hours to start.

Spinnaker Handling: Have you ever wanted to be on the foredeck (where all the action is) but are afraid you would get all the different sheets, guys and other lines tangled up? If so, this course is for you. Learn how to manage the pointy end of the boat including sail changes (white sails & spinnakers), gybing under spinnaker hoists and take downs.

Refresher / Mileage Builder Courses: It’s been a while since you’ve been out on the water and you’re feeling rusty?  Perhaps you are looking for additional time on the water with an instructor to brush up your skills before taking the Intermediate Cruising course. Our Mileage Builder courses are perfect to give you that little bit of extra practice to boost your sailing confidence.  These courses will guarantee to help you a fill in the gaps and practice a number of keelboat cruising skills.