Corporate Team Building

Experiential training programs to develop and reward high performance teams

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  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Reward and Team Incentive Events
  • Corporate Retreats and Strategy Workshops


Take your team to the next level!

Take your team to the next level!

Successful team members don’t do the same thing at the same time; they do the right thing at the right time while working together towards a common goal.

By delivering experiential training programs, we assist businesses to achieve more effective performance for their teams and leaders. You can expect improved communication, better decision making and the breaking down of silos, all of which lead to an increase in overall team performance.

Our team is comprised of highly qualified professionals, trained in leadership coaching, workplace training and sailing instruction. Our core focus is building high performance teams and accelerating the development of teamwork competencies. Sailing is a very team oriented sport and it provides an excellent platform for improving communication, collaboration and developing leadership capabilities required by high performance teams. We work closely with our clients to determine the best form of experiential training in order to achieve the goals and the objectives of their event.

“While our team dynamics were positive to begin with, since the team building day, I have seen a noticeable increase in communication in the team. There is also a renewed sense of partnership in our work projects. It was a worthwhile exercise, which will continue to pay dividends for our team well into the future.”
– Nicholas Swales, Principal, Office of the Auditor General of Canada

SAILING AND WORK…What’s the link?

Sailing reflects the workplace in many ways:

  • Techniques (we’ll show you) for maximizing a sailboat’s performance are very similar to maximizing a company’s performance
  • Sailing performance depends on a dynamic interaction between skipper (team leader) and crew (team members)
  • Successful completion of a job with participants working closely together carries the same challenges onboard as in a work environment
  • Corporate Program
  • Teamwork = Productivity


  • Cultivate excellent communication
  • Improve team work through collaboration and co-operation
  • Build team confidence, morale and rapport
  • Develop attributes such as respect, independence and interdependence
  • Increase motivation and decrease stress


  • Engage in challenging real-world exercises! Respond quickly and adapt in a fast-paced, changing environment
  • To engage mentally, physically and emotionally
  • Enjoy constructive time away from the office while collaborating with colleagues
  • Be coached by on-board skippers
  • People with any level of physical fitness can sail
  • Never been sailing? Not a swimmer? Not a problem.
  • Safety is our primary concern. PFDs are provided to be worn onboard.


MORNING (at the clubhouse):
Meet at the clubhouse for the professionally facilitated training program
customized to meet your goals.

Receive an introduction to basic sailing concepts and crew positions.

Enjoy a delicious and healthy meal prepared and served on-site.

AFTERNOON (on the water):
Practice basic sailing while developing teamwork competencies.

Return to the clubhouse to de-brief the lessons learned on the water and to determine how these will be applied back in the workplace.


Employees are the greatest asset of every organization. Employee motivation and recognition are crucial for the well-being and growth of every company. Show your teams respect and gratitude by treating them to an extraordinary experience with a Corporate Sailing Reward Event.


Let us arrange your next corporate retreat or strategy workshop with a professional facilitator, followed by a pleasurable sail. Sit back and enjoy a skippered cruise or take a turn at harnessing the wind by taking the helm or trimming the sails.


  • Customized training programs to meet your goals and objectives in half-day and full-day sessions
  • Experienced skippers are aboard all vessels
  • No prior sailing experience is required
  • Individuals with any level of physical fitness can sail
  • Primary locations include Nepean Sailing Club or Britannia Yacht Club on the
    Ottawa River. Other venues can be arranged on request.

Contact us to organize and customize a program to meet your group’s needs!
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