Sail Share

Let’s Go Sailing

No Boat?  No Problem … Just Go Sailing!


  • Are you looking for a way to go sailing but you don’t own a boat?
  • Have you just completed your sailing lessons and wish to continue sailing but you’re not ready to buy your own boat?
  • Perhaps you just want to have fun sailing and don’t care about owning your own boat?


WE HAVE THE SOLUTION!  Advantage Boating’s Sail Share Program is perfect for those who want to enjoy the sailing lifestyle without having to own a sailboat. Have fun on-the-water, continue developing your sailing skills and meet other enthusiastic sailors when you join our Sail Share Program today!

Sail on your Schedule  –  One Fee  –  Instructor Mentorship

More Fun – More Sailing!    

  • Unlimited sailing
  • No duty days
  • No hidden costs or initiation fees
  • Racing programs available
  • No maintenance worries
  • No mooring or insurance fees
  • No off season storage worries
  • Just Fun Sailing!
  • Includes ongoing instructor mentorship


Depending on your experience level you can choose to be a part of either one or both of our Small Keelboat Program or Big Keelboat Program

Check out our Sail Share VS Ownership cost comparison chart.

“Joining Sail Share was a fantastic experience. We sailed all season long and benefited tremendously from our fellow Sail Share sailors’ expertise. Racing on Thursday nights was also an excellent way for us to perfect our skills and acquire new ones. Not to mention we made a lot of friends and had a blast!”

– Liliane Keryluk

To register, fill out this form and email to info@advantageboating.com