Online Booking

To make a reservation:

1) Go to the www.SuperSaas.com reservation website.

2) Log in using your email and the SuperSaas password (this password will be issued to you at the beginning of each Sail Share season).

Here is a useful guide to the on-line system.

Booking Guidelines

1) The system will allow you to book any boat at any club. Please only reserve boats for your Sail Share level and at the club you belong to, otherwise your booking will be declined! Keep in mind that you are permitted to “crew” for any Sail Share member regardless of which club you belong to.

2) If you have space on your boat please welcome any Sail Share member who wishes to join you.

3) There is a “comments” section on the booking card. This is the perfect location for notes like:

a) Looking for crew (but you can also send out an email blast).
b) Recording times if you are taking the boat out, say from 10 am to only 3 pm. Just remember, you still need to fill in that information in both the morning and afternoon time slots.
c) Crew members who wish to sail, have booked a boat and are looking for a skipper.

Booking Rules

1) Bookings can only be made 7 days in advance.

2) Extended Bookings:

a) Weekdays – due to the easy availability on weekdays, you may book boats for multiple time slots (up to a maximum of 3). Just keep race nights in mind when returning to the dock. Race boats (NSC Beagle) must be returned to the dock by 4:30 pm on race nights (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings).

b) Weekends (the busy time) – One boat per weekend day (Saturday, Sunday or a Monday long weekend) per club may be booked in advance for multiple time slots. But the same member may not reserve for multiple time slots on back-to-back weekends.

c) Dockside – You have the afternoon booked but it is so nice you would like to stay out into the evening. As long as the time slot for a particular boat is available, you can extend the booking “dockside” by updating the online reservation (www.SuperSaas.com) system. This can be done by smartphone or borrowing the member computer located on the 2nd floor at NSC.

3) Dockside cancellations – As a courtesy to other Sail Share members, please update the online system and notify anyone booked before and/or after your original booking so that they may extend their outing.