C&C 27 Big Boat – Pier Pressure

Pier Pressure: BYC, moored across from the 505 shed. Docked alongside the rest of the Advantage Boating fleet.


  • Companion way hatch board stored in hanging locker
  • Stow gear – just a day sail – V-berth works great
  • Complete checklist/sail plan in the binder
  • Turn battery to #1 – Engine
  • Check bilge and pump if required. (There will always be a bit of water in the bilge even after pumping)
  • Secure ice box lid in place
  • Engine key to be kept in galley top drawer*
  • Turn on Depth Sounder and Know meter switches (panel above sink)
  • Rig boat, file sail plan
  • Have fun!!



  • Winch handles are put away
  • Engine key is returned to the galley drawer
  • Traveller moved over to port
  • Dodger is in the up position


  • Wet/Dry lever is set to Dry bowl
  • Bowl is empty of water
  • Thru hull fitting is closed
  • Garbage is removed


  • Drain ice box if required (will mildew), red handle pump under sink
  • Ice box is emptied and the lid is open for ventilation
  • Dishes are all cleaned and put away
  • Sink is clean
  • Towels are left to hang dry – towel rack or the cabin handrails
  • Garbage is removed


  • V-berth hatch is closed tight
  • PFD’s put away in hanging locker – if wet leave the hanging locker cloth cover half open
  • Salon floor – give a quick sweep if required (dustpan under galley sink)


  • Companion way hatch board in place
  • The starboard gate has been closed
  • Fenders are in the correct position
  • Boat sitting parallel to the finger dock
  • Removal of any garbage


  • Battery switch is set to #1 – “Engine position”
  • Make sure engine is in neutral and throttle is down
  • Make sure the shut-off handle (CHOKE) is pushed in
  • Turn key one position and alarm buzzers should sound
  • Then turn key to starting position
  • Once the boat is started the alarms will be silent unless required!!
  • Look astern for the cooling water and watch it for a few seconds – While listening to the engine start as well.


  • Throttle down and put engine in neutral
  • PULL OUT THE SHUT OFF HANDLE (CHOKE) to stall out the engine – NEVER just turn off the key
  • Buzzer will come on and then turn the key to off
  • Push shut off handle (CHOKE) back in
  • While out sail and only when the engine is off switch the battery to #2 – House, to run the instruments and radios
  • While sailing lock the prop shaft by putting the engine into reverse

REMEMBER – Do not turn the key to the off position while the engine is running – you must use the shut off handle

NEVER change the master battery switch while the engine is running


  • Keep a roving fender sitting on cabin top in a ready position
  • Bow crew – take the dock-side bow line with you.  Leave the other bow line on shore
  • Spring line – take this line with you.  Crew can help with casting off by keeping the boat parallel to the dock.
  • Stern line – take this line with you.
  • HELM – ensure the helm is centred before putting the boat in reverse; ensure no lines are in the water which can foul the prop; double check for wind gusts and traffic before going into reverse.
  • HELM:  Reverse the boat – there will be some prop-walk and you will have limited steerage until you get water flowing over the rudder.
  • CREW use roving fender if required to fend boat off dock.


  • Three fenders on the dock side of the boat evenly spaced at the widest part of the boat.
  • Two fenders on the opposite side of the boat.
  • Make sure docking lines and fenders are in place before entering the harbour.