Learn-to-Power Program

Basic Powerboat course on the Ottawa river.

Basic Powerboat course on the Ottawa river.

Become an educated boater. Enrol in our hands-on powerboating course that lead to certification by the Sail Canada.

Why take a course?

  • Safety – yours and your loved ones
  • To become a more responsible powerboater
  • Insurance discounts
  • Proper use of equipment reduces maintenance costs
  • Government legislation now requires powerboat operator certification effective April 1, 1999

Basic Powerboat

A 10 hour practical course taught privately aboard your powerboat. Learn safety procedures, navigation, seamanship, maintenance and trouble shooting along with trailering and water sports.


OPTIONS: Custom schedule

FEE: Depends on location and number of people. Call 613-721-8683 for a quote.

OBJECTIVE: To be able to operate safely in local waters as skipper of a craft over 6 meters and powered by an outboard engine over 75 hp (55 kW).

CERTIFICATION AWARDED: Sail Canada Basic Powerboat Standard and Pleasure Craft Operator’s Card.

NEXT STEPS: Coastal Navigation, VHF Certificate

SPECIAL OFFERS: Take a look at our ‘Wannabe Boater’ Package

SCHEDULE: Subject to instructor availability.