Racing Program

The Purpose

Sail with other "newbie" sailors.

Sail with other “newbie” sailors.

There is no quicker way to hone your sailing skills than racing around the buoys with a fleet of Sharks or Tanzers. Racing is an excellent way to push your basic sailing skills to a new level. You will go out sailing in conditions that you might not consider if you are just going out for a cruise. You will also learn how to use the spinnaker.

The goal of each night is to have fun, learn something new and try to put a few boats behind us at the end of the race. Then it’s back to the clubhouse for cocktails, some laughs and a great BBQ put on by the club caterers.

The Requirements

Be able to make a weekly commitment on Thursday nights from beginning of May until the end of September. You will need to be able to be at the boats by 5 pm to rig and get off dock by 5:30 pm at the very latest.


Four crew are assigned to a specific boat for the Thursday night One-design racing.

Working within our Sail Share membership limit (10 members per boat). Out of those ten members, 4 can be racing & cruising (level 1) and 6 are cruising only (level 2). So we have room for 20 racing members at NSC and 16 at BYC.

In the pre-season we we start working with the racing members to see who is coming back and who has already put together a crew. From there we know how many open racing membership spots we have left.

An added benfit is as people meet on the Thursday night racing they then go on to form other crews and race on the other weeknights or weekend racing events.
Mondays – Ladies; Tuesdays – PHRF or special weekend regattas or long-distance races.

Reservation process – racers do get first call on the boats especially for special weekend events.