Celestial Navigation

Is your GPS fail safe? If you answered “no”  then this course is for you. This course focuses on the theory of celestial navigation required to safely navigate a vessel offshore. Topics include principles of celestial navigation, the methods used to determine your position utilizing celestial sightings and use of a sextant.



PREREQUISITE: Sail Canada Intermediate Coastal Navigation.

OPTIONS: One evening per week for 9 weeks (starting October) or as a home study course

Classroom:  $340.00 + HST (includes text and exam)   Register Today!

Home Study:  $275.00 + HST (includes text and exam)  Register Today!

OBJECTIVE: To be able to demonstrate the celestial navigation theory required to safely navigate a sailing cruiser on an offshore passage. The Standard is applied practically in the Offshore Cruising Standard.

CERTIFICATION AWARDED: Sail Canada Celestial Navigation Standard