Exam Schedule

Write your Exams In-Person @ BYC or NSC:

To book an in-person exam, please RSVP or one of our pre-scheduled exam dates.

RSVP HERE:  https://go.oncehub.com/AdvantageBoatingExams

You have the option to write the following exams:

  • Sail Canada Basic Cruising: 2-hour time limit
  • Sail Canada Intermediate Cruising:  2-hour time limit
  • Sail Canada Navigation:  3-hour time limit
  • VHF-ROC(M):  1-hour time limit
  • ICC:  2-hour time limit
  • PCOC:  1-hour time limit

FEE:   Each of our courses includes 1 free writing of the exam.  Please bring a pen or pencil.

Write your exam via Zoom invigilation:

If you took a course with Advantage Boating and you live out of town, you have the option to write your test invigilated over Zoom.  RSVP for an online zoom invigilation session.  Space is limited.

FEE:   Extra fees for mailing exam.

RSVP HERE:  https://go.oncehub.com/Sailing

Basic & Intermediate Cruising Theory Courses:

Our Basic & Intermediate Cruising theory courses are a great way to either become familiar with some of the material before your course, or to refresh & review the ashore knowledge after your on-water course.

The Sail Canada Basic & Intermediate Cruising certification is a 2-step evaluation process:  Afloat Sills & Ashore Knowledge:

  • Afloat skills are evaluated continuously throughout the time you spend with your on-water instructor/coach.
  • Ashore knowledge is assessed by a written test completed at a separate time.

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