Your Instructors

When your instructor is Sail Canada Certified, you can be sure that he or she is a professional who has been accredited to teach sailing that complies with Sail Canada’s nationally and internationally accepted standards. Their hard-earned Sail Canada instructor certification assures you of their ability to teach sailing better, safer and more enjoyably.

Our instructors are experienced professionals who are trained and certified by Sail Canada and other recognized Worldwide boat training organizations. They are fully committed to providing you with the skills and understanding to enjoy this wonderful sport while also ensuring that your learning experience is both fun and memorable. These instructors have sailed many of the world’s best cruising destinations and they will be more than happy to share their experiences with you. Some of them have also raced sailboats at the local, national and international levels. We’re also very proud of the fact that since 2017, no other Sail Canada recognized sailing school certifies more people in the “Learn-to-Cruise” (keelboat) system than Advantage Boating.

Ron Schute

Founder, Basic Cruising, Intermediate Cruising, IYT & Racing

Doris Parolin

Sailing School Director, Basic Cruising & Racing

Nicholas Schute

Basic Cruising, Intermediate Cruising & Racing

Marc Billard

Basic Cruising & Racing

Gregory Pilsworth

Basic Cruising

Stan Blakey

Basic Cruising

Michael Thompson

Basic Cruising & Racing

Raymond Gouin

Basic Cruising

Diane Reid

Skipper, Racer and Instructor

Sarah Parolin

Basic Cruising & Racing

Adam Parolin

Basic Cruising & Racing

Emma Heller

CANSail, Basic Cruising & Racing

Radek Skabas

Basic Cruising

Mike Roper

Basic Cruising

Jon Wright

Basic Cruising & Powerboat

Curtis Dickinson

Basic Cruising & Racing

Robin Cloutier

Basic Cruising

Rob Cochran

Basic Cruising

Joel Taylor

Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Live Aboard Courses

Art Pittman

Basic Cruising

Shawn Batten

Basic Cruising & Racing

Eric Calvert

Coastal Navigation

Mike Green

Celestial Navigation

Bert DeVry

Powerboat, VHF, Engine, Coastal Cruising

Nicolas Cloutier

Basic Cruising

Dave Nickerson

Basic Coastal Navigation

Mike McEvoy

{June 30, 1952 – October 21, 2019}

Basic Cruising, Intermediate Cruising & IYT & IE

Camden Sutherland

CANSail, Basic Cruising & Racing

Jamie Foy

Basic Cruising, Intermediate Cruising & Racing

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