Instructor Information

Welcome to the “Instructors Only” section of the website.

This “Staff Room” is here for your benefit and to provide you with information about Advantage Boating, your courses and procedures, instructor updates and various teaching tools. PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO FAMILIARIZE YOURSELF WITH THE CONTENTS OF THESE PAGES.

This is a living document, so check back often for new content. If there are other items you would find useful to include as part of theses pages please let us know.

Advantage Boating Programs, Promotions and Student’s Next Steps

This section includes reference material for instructors regarding Advantage Boating courses, programs and student “Next Steps” after Basic Cruising. It is important to let our students know during their courses what opportunities exist for them to continue sailing after they have taken their course. Instructors can use the “Sailor’s Pathway Flowchart” as a starting point (this is available on our website homepage as well). Students receive the “You’ve Finished Your Basic Cruising … Next Steps” document as part of their learning materials.

a. “Summary of 2016 AB Courses” we offer
b. Sailor’s Pathway Flowchartc. 2016 AB Promotions
d. What’s next for our BC students – Instructor summary
e. 2016 Next Steps – Student Version
f. Sail Share Information

Instructor Class Procedure Information & Exam Night Process

This section includes instructor information and instructions on what is required for record keeping as per Transport Canada’s Standard for Recreational Boating Schools for Classes and Advantage Boating Exam night procedures.

a. Instructor Class Procedure Information Page

i. Class record sheets
ii. Transport Canada Standard for Rec Boating Schools
iii. Afloat Skill Checklist
iv. Logbooks
v. Student Course Material
vi. Increasing Student success on completing BC

b. Instructor Exam Night Procedure

Instructor Communications & Expectations

In this section you will find the links to sign up for courses to teach, instructor contact lists, how to invoice your hours, salary structure, marketing expectations, instructor qualities & code of conduct and other relevant instructor related information.

a. Instructor qualities & code of conduct
b. Course Instructor sign up sheet (Google doc link)
c. Instructor Contact List (Google doc link)
d. How to Invoice your hours & Salary Structure
e. Marketing Sheet 2016
f. AB Clothing – Let’s look professional
g. Instructor Certifications & Skill Development

Teaching Boats and Equipment and Sailing Club Information

In this section you will find details on the Sailing Clubs, Boat & Engine Procedures, Docking Tie-up images, on-board teaching and resource items.

a. Sailing Club information
b. Boat Locations
c. Boat Procedures and Info

i. Opening Boat
ii. Closing Boat
iii. In case of Incident/Accident
iv. Engine Information

d. Boat dock tie-up recommendations

i. Sonar
ii. Tanzer
iii. Shark

Teaching Aids, Best Practices, Lesson Plans and PCOC x-over document

In this section you will find teaching resources and tips accumulated from past instructors to help them learn various sailing concepts. This section also contains a collection of lesson plans for various cruising performance objectives. I would love to see more of our instructors share their lesson plans in this section.

a. Onboard Teaching and Resource Items

i. Blue Box
ii. Boat Binder
iii. Milk Crate
iv. Sails

b. Best Practices for LTC Students
c. Learning points of Sail
d. Teaching Aids and Sail Canada Standards
e. PCOC Folder – Various PCOC to BC crossover documents
f. Lesson Plans Folder – Various lesson plans within