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We offer year-round instruction in a number of sailing and boating related subjects.

Choose the learning format that best works for you:

Courses Leading To Sail Canada Certification:

Learn to Sail Theory Courses:

Basic Keelboat Theory  A perfect place to start if you want to learn some of the basics of sailing!

Intermediate Keelboat Theory A course recommended for boat owners and future Intermediate Cruising students. Learn more about the various boat systems, how to handle emergency situations and more!

Navigation Courses:

Navigate knowing your exact location at all times.

Basic Coastal Navigation This introductory navigation course will teach you how to plan and safely navigate by day in coastal and inland local waters.

Intermediate Coastal Navigation Builds on the Basic Coastal Navigation course and teaches you the skill required to safely plan and execute a long continuous passage including night sailing in unfamiliar coastal or inland waters in all conditions of visibility, with or without electronic aids.

Celestial Navigation Teaches the celestial navigation theory required to safely navigate a sailing cruiser on an offshore passage.


Sailing Related Courses:

VHF Restricted Operator Certificate – Maritime  Does everyone on board know how to call for help?  The VHF-ROC(M) license is a Canadian Federal government issued card that allows you to operate a marine VHF radio. This course could save your life!

Intro to Racing Learn all about A series of seminars presented by well-rounded local racers, some of which have won world championships in the Shark fleet.

Diesel Engine Everything you ever wanted to know about diesel engines, presented by a master mariner, who happens to be BYC’s Harbour Master as well.

Outboard Engine Trouble shoot, diagnose, and maintain your outboard motor. Presented by very knowledgeable instructors, you have questions, we have the answers!