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We offer year-round instruction in a number of subjects including Sail Canada Certified Navigation and other Sailing related courses.

Coastal Navigation Class

Sail Canada Navigation Courses:

Basic Coastal Navigation Basic Coastal Navigation gives students the practical knowledge, skills and instruments to navigate a vessel in coastal waters.

Intermediate Coastal Navigation Intermediate Coastal Navigation builds on the Basic Coastal Navigation course for more advanced charting skills including running fixes, adjusting for tide & current and using electronic charting devices for navigating a vessel in coastal waters.

Celestial Navigation You will learn the theory of celestial navigation required to safely navigate a vessel offshore.

Sailing Related Courses:

VHF Radio Certificate Learn how to communicate to handle emergency situations using a VHF marine Radio. This short course will cover all aspects of radio operation.

Intro to Racing A series of seminars presented by well-rounded local racers, some of which have won world championships in the Shark fleet.

Diesel Engine Everything you ever wanted to know about diesel engines, presented by a master mariner, who happens to be BYC’s Harbour Master as well.

Outboard Engine Trouble shoot, diagnose, and maintain your outboard motor. Presented by very knowledgeable instructors, you have questions, we have the answers!