Welcome to the Members Section

This section is for the Sail Share members from both NSC and BYC for the current season.

In this section you will find notes on just about everything Sail Share, all to help you get ready for the season!

  Sail Share Policy & Handbook – Sail Share information handbook.

  Book your Sail Share Orientation – 3- hour on-water Sail Share Orientation to help you become familiar with the Sail Share boats and the process for getting out on the water. This is mandatory for all new Sail Share members.

How to Book using the On-Line Booking System – The hows and whats of how to reserve a boat. 

 Sail Share Pre & Post Sailing Checklist – Google Form to be submitted before and after EACH sail.

 Sail Share Guest Waiver and Form (print this ahead of time and send it to info@advantageboating.com PRIOR to leaving the dock).

  Boat Tie-up System – How to secure the Sail Share boats to the docks. Make sure to review this section!

Sail Share Engine Tips & Tricks

Sailing NO-GO Zones on the Ottawa River

  The Fleet – Pictures of the boats and notes about docking order, sail covers and engines. Forum to exchange information about the fleet in general or a boat in particular.

  Big Boat Notes – Reference page to the BYC Big Boat Pier Pressure.

  Sail Share Member Directory

  Dates & Extra Information – Ambassador Program, membership renewal process, helping with Launches or Haul Outs and How Sail Share racing works.

  Racing Crews – (NOTE:  Not updated for 2023)  Who, what, when and where details, as well as the link to NSC RC Volunteer Duty.